About Me



Who am I?  

That’s a question that I’ve been trying to answer for years.

This is what I know for sure. . .


  • ~am a home-school mom of two fabulous boys……. (one is now in college).
  • ~am a PK-…….. (Can I still be a  preacher’s “kid” at my age?….  26 (my lying age) +  a couple of decades (true age) ;)! ).
  • ~ am the wife of a very kind man (also a preacher).
  • ~am licensed as a professional counselor, nursing home administrator, and a realtor- (although I’ve never used the realtor license).
  • ~ am ordained as a minister (Shhhh. . .don’t tell my Baptist friends!).
  • ~ hold a BA in Psychology, MA in Counseling, and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.
  • ~ get paid to write for a quarterly (Sunday School material); have written several books and published them; plus, I do jail ministry and love to speak about God.
  • ~ taught myself to play the piano “by ear” (even though I was told that I didn’t possess the “gift” ).


With all of that “stuff” I seem pretty accomplished. . .

But ……………………….the truth of “Who I AM”. . . (or who I was)

is actually more like. . .





~ A person desperately trying to

“accomplish things,”

look pretty,

and be perfect

so that people will accept me, and love me, and won’t reject me.

Some days I think I’m a complete mess… and other days I hold on to the TRUTH about who I REALLY am …the TRUTH that God has so patiently been teaching me for the last few years.

On the good days, I know that. . .

I’m not really a mess. .  .

…at least not a TOTAL one.  😉

Instead, I am the princess of an unconditionally loving Daddy God…

  • ~ and He created me perfectly for the work that He has for me…
  • ~  and He doesn’t make mistakes… not even in the making of me…
  • ~and I am the righteousness of God through Jesus…
  • ~ and my identity is in Him…
  • ~ and He has already made me perfect in His sight as He makes me more and more like Him each day.

On good days, I remember who I really am.  On the not so good days, I still struggle with insecurity, fear, and doubt.

Still, I am making progress in learning my identity in Christ! :)!


This blog is my journey.

It is raw, unfiltered, and filled with all of the stuff I try desperately to hide…

Until now…

With you.


The fact is. . .I am utterly and desperately and completely “Imperfect.”

BUT… the Bible says in Hebrews 10: 14 “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”

                           …………….And so there you have it. . .

  I’m really perfect!

At least in God’s sight. . .



      “Imperfectly” Perfect- It’s my life.

                 If you can relate. . .leave me a post!


Thanks for reading!

Love ya!~

     Robin  😍




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