The New Wonder Woman Movie

Wonder Woman was one of my favorite shows as a little girl;  I would craft aluminum foil “wonder” bracelets for “power” and then jump off every chair, counter, or ledge that I could find.  When the new Wonder Woman movie came out, I knew I had to see it. 

My family was thrilled.  I usually hate movies; with self- diagnosed ADD, I  get easily bored  :)!

During the first fifteen minutes of the movie, I thought  I was going to be disappointed.  The strong emphasis on Greek mythology bothered me.  For a while, I considered leaving because even though I know that mythology is fiction, I didn’t want to make God upset with the whole “worshipping of other gods” thing.

However, as I sat through the uncomfortable part, I began to realize that there was a time in history when cultures did not have knowledge about the One True God.  They knew the gist of the story. . that good fights evil, but they didn’t have the right characters in place.  As I began to think about the story in those terms:  that it was really about good (God), fighting evil (the enemy), I began to be able to better relate.

MOVIE SPOILER:   (You might not want to read the next two paragraphs until you see the movie!)

After a few more uncomfortable incidents:  a few curse words and some inappropriate innuendos- I really began to enjoy the movie. The story was about Wonder Woman’s search for her true identity.  After some sketchy information about her past from her mom, she was on her own to figure out the truth of her identity while fighting to save the world from Ares, the god of war.  She believed that if she was able to kill Ares (evil), then the world would transform back to the good that the creator intended.

After a lot of fighting, one person’s self -sacrifice eventually ended up opening Wonder Woman’s eyes to the beauty of love.  It was that sacrifice and the new knowledge of love that gave her the power to conquer evil.  Little by little, she also began to  discover her true identity and figure out who her father really was.

By the end of the movie, I was in tears, noticeably sobbing.

“You’re crying in Wonder Woman?” my husband asked with a slight frown.

I nodded yes… (I couldn’t talk) :)!

But, I wasn’t crying about the movie.

I was crying about what the movie represented,

at least for me. 

For the last few years, God has been trying to teach me about my identity in Him.  He has been trying to teach me that:

  •  I am the daughter of the Most High God.
  • I was chosen even before I was born to do a special work for Him.
  • I have a new identity-  I am the righteousness of God through Jesus.
  • I am an heir to everything that God has.
  •  I am God’s masterpiece.
  • Christ has already defeated all principalities and powers through His sacrifice; so, I have His authority to fight and conquer evil.

Actually, I was crying during Wonder Woman because the movie highlighted my story- a woman still trying to figure out her identity in light of a big awesome Daddy God.

I was also crying because in it I saw the beautiful gift of Christ and his unconditional love that completely transforms everything.

In the end. . . I loved the Wonder Woman movie.  In fact, I want to buy the DVD and re-watch it when it comes out.

That’s pretty remarkable…for me… someone who can’t stand movies ;)!


Thanks for reading!

Love ya!


Robin  :)!






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