Experiencing God- even when you don’t have a moment to spare

This has been another CRAZY week! I started a new job and have been SWAMPED! I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster of busyness and I can’t get off!

After experiencing two wild weeks, I realize how blessed I usually am. One of my favorite things to do is study the Bible and most of the time I have plenty of opportunities. (It doesn’t hurt that I get paid to write and study!) This week, however, I have been lucky to squeeze in ten minutes to read a few verses.

This makes me sad;  but, it also helps me empathize with a lot of people’s struggle. Some of us have lives that are so busy that there REALLY is NO TIME for anything, even God

  • So, what do we do?

After becoming desperate, I’ve come up with what I hope is a solution to the problem. It’s a plan for experiencing God even when swamped. I’m going to try it this coming week. If you’re on the busy rollercoaster with me, I hope you will too!

Here it is…

Robin’s Plan for Experiencing God – even when you don’t have a moment to spare…

  1. PRACTICE the presence of God– It might sound crazy, but I’ve skied with God, had lots of car trips with Him, and cleaned the house with Him more than once. Often, we forget that God is with us everywhere. So, make it a point to PRACTICE THE PRESENCE OF GOD wherever you are. Talk to him; hang out with him; love on Him- practice being with Him whatever you are doing.
  2. Meditate on a scripture– Choose one scripture per week, write it on a notecard and take it with you. Meditate on (or think about) it as you are riding down the road, eating lunch, or during any spare minute.
  3. Practice BEING like Jesus– Okay, so maybe we’re not going to make it as Biblical SCHOLARS this week, but, we can practice acting like Jesus even when we’re busy. Pray for someone; help someone in need; offer kindness to someone down on his luck; love when someone doesn’t deserve it. Acting like Christ can bring us closer to Him even when we feel far away.
  4. Carve out time when it seems impossible- I know that this seems hard- but setting five minutes aside to rest and refresh in God will do wonders!
  5. Be in constant prayer- This is like practicing the presence of God- talk to God all day, not in a formal prayer, but just like you are talking to a friend.

You don’t have to choose to do them all. Start with just one!

That’s it for now. Hope this helps you to experience God more and to Live Every Day With Him!

Love ya! ;0!



2 thoughts on “Experiencing God- even when you don’t have a moment to spare

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  1. really enjoyed you blog ! I will keep on the look out. I often talk with him, trying to build my spirit man up and live in gratitude 😇😇😇


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