My Musings on the 4th of July and my Mama

The 4th of July is almost here and even though I look forward to the excitement and festivities of the 4th, I am also sad as the day approaches.  On July 4th, 1989, my maternal Grandmother died;  exactly twenty-five years later, on July 4th, my precious Mama passed away unexpectedly.

All my life I dreaded the thought of having to live without my Mama; I have had to live without her these past three years.  It has been really hard, but God has proven to me that He is a good and loving Father and His grace abounds…even in death.

Okay. . .now the strange part… :)!

Two years before my Mom died, I was sitting at my big window (my prayer place), hanging out with God, when He gave me a vision or a dream (I’m not sure which).  During the vision, I saw heaven and it was fantastic.  Everything in heaven was colored like a rainbow and all the colors looked alive.  A vast multitude of people (so many that I couldn’t begin to count them) were singing praises to Him.  Each person sang his own melody, yet the sounds all mixed together into a beautiful symphony.  The best thing though was the feeling of complete and utter joy and peace.

For some reason, I knew the vision was connected to Mama.

The next morning, I called Mom; she was not sick, but because of the vision, I was afraid that she had died during the night.  Thankfully, she answered the phone.  I described the vision, told her I felt it was related to her, and also told her that heaven is awesome, a place beyond description, and that she shouldn’t be afraid of death.

She was never sick, but she died less than two years later as a result of routine surgery.  God used those two years with her to prepare my heart for the loss.


I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence that both my Mama and my Grandmother died on July 4th , Independence Day.  The day celebrates freedom, so I think God was saying to me, “Robin, now your mom is FREE. She is FREE from pain; FREE from heartache; FREE from aging.  She is FREE to live in heaven, the place that is more than the shadow that you see as you live on earth.”  Best of all, my Mom is now FREE from separation from her Heavenly Father, who loves her completely.

I know Mama will be celebrating this Independence Day.

As the anniversary of her death approaches, remembering my vision gives me peace amidst the sadness. I am sure that my Mom is in heaven, surrounded by our family and loving on the baby that Sean and I lost.  I’m positive she is encouraging everyone around her to sing for Jesus…just as she did as she lived on the earth.

I’m thankful that God, in His grace, showed me a glimmer of what He had prepared for my Mom and for everyone that knows and loves Him.

Instead of being sad this Independence Day, I am going to try to celebrate with my Mama.   If you have lost someone that you love, I hope the vision that God gave me, brings peace to you too!

Love ya! :)!







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