No Wifi!!!!

I was scheduled for jail ministry last Thursday night and I came home to discover one of the worst things imaginable…

the electrical storm took out our modem leaving us with NO WI-FI!

Although my internet provider promised, the little black box still had not been delivered by Saturday.

I was devastated; I had notes for the clinic due, a Sunday School quarterly lesson that I needed to write, not to mention blogging and vlogging that I hoped to finish.  Without internet service, EVERYTHING was at a standstill.

At first, I panicked… How am I EVER going to get it all done? I thought.

But then…

I began to relax…

Not only did I not have Internet service, neither did my husband nor children,

which meant- no computer, no Roku, no YouTube videos-

only complete and total togetherness.


We made the best of it.  As a family, we went out to eat and toured the antique mall- which surprisingly our boys loved.   Then, we hung out together in the backyard “clubhouse” and afterwards we had sushi.

Thanks to the broken modem… we had a whole day for each other.

In Exodus 35:2,  God commanded that “For six days work is to be done, but on the seventh day you are to have a holy day, a Sabbath of complete rest to the Lord.” Christians observe this commandment by going to church on Sunday, but the actual Jewish Sabbath really begins on Friday at sundown and runs through Saturday when the first three stars appear in this night sky.

The Jews see the Sabbath Day as a mini- vacation from life- a time for rest, relaxation, and no work – a day totally unplugged from life. (A Jewish rabbi friend of mine doesn’t even answer his cell phone on Sabbath.)  During this twenty- five hour period, Jews turn their total focus to family and to God.

This weekend, we were closer to observing Sabbath than we have been in a long time. Having one day to rest, relax, unplug, and to be a family was liberating. Even though I didn’t complete any notes, write a quarterly lesson, or make a blog or vlog, I did create lots of fun memories enjoying those that I love.

Our broken modem encouraged us to take a day to relish each other. It was a small blessing in an otherwise hectic life.

Maybe this coming weekend I’ll “purposefully” break the modem… 🙂

and maybe you should too!

Hope your day is great!

Love you! 🙂


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