My Friends and the “God Spark”

The other day, I saw a high school friend and stopped to chat. At the end of my conversation, it occurred to me that he is, and has always been, one of the nicest people that I know. He is optimistic and filled with forgiveness, kindness, and grace.

I began to think about some of my other high school classmates. I had one friend who was best described as “noble.”  He would step in harm’s way for others and did so many times. I had another friend who was brilliant and witty; I loved to be around him because he challenged me to think outside the box, gave me a fresh perspective on life, and made me laugh.

As I thought about these wonderful people, I began to relate each friend to Jesus.  Imagining their characteristics in Him gave me a better picture of what He was like as He walked on the earth.

Like my first friend, Jesus was kind – full of grace and forgiveness. Like my third friend, he was brilliant and witty – he challenged people with parables and teachings and encouraged them to consider life beyond their traditions. Like my second friend, Jesus was noble, a fact demonstrated as he died on the cross for those that were killing him.

Putting “flesh and blood” on the picture of Jesus helped me see Him better.  He was God in the flesh, the perfect human;  like my friends, he was/is kind, noble, and brilliant.

But, then I realized that I had it backwards.  Jesus isn’t “like my friends”; instead… my friends are “like Him.”

My friends are God’s creations, breathed into by His breath of life and created in His image with His DNA.

They possess (what I call) a  “God Spark.”

The “God Spark” is easy to see in my sweet friends, but sometimes its harder to see in others.  For example, the spark is hard to see in the beggar who approaches asking for money. It might be even harder to see in a criminal convicted for crimes against the community.  In fact, sometimes, it’s even hard to see in the person who “gets on your nerves.”

For some people, the “God Spark” is buried beneath layers of pain, hurt, and frustration. Still, the “Spark”- God’s breath, his life, his DNA- is a part of every human.  The beggar, the criminal, and the annoying person all belong to Him; they are God’s and He loves them.

My mama used to say, “Find the best in everyone; it’s there, if you’ll just look.”

 I think Mama was saying, “Find a person’s ‘God Spark.’” Focus on the spark and not on the layers of pain that hide the beauty that lies underneath.

This week I’m thankful for all of the wonderful people that God has put into my life.  I mentioned three, but there are many more!

I want to try to see each person – even the difficult one – as what he or she is… a creation of the Heavenly Father, God’s child, who possesses His life, His breath, His DNA, and His “Spark.”  I hope you will too!

Have a great week!

Love ya :)!


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