Healing Our Hurt Places Bible Study Day two

Today’s scripture comes from John 5: 1-9; read or google it! The story in the passage is about a man who had been sick for thirty-eight years.  Jesus passed by the pool of Bethesda and found the man on one of the porches.  The man expressed frustration and hopelessness over his situation, but Jesus told him to pick up his mat and walk.  Instantly, the man was healed.

I’m sure being sick for thirty-eight years had left this man with lots of wounds- both physical and emotional.  In Biblical days, a man who could not work and provide for himself and his family suffered greatly.  This man probably had to beg for everything… his whole life!  I’m sure he was plagued with low self-esteem.  Perhaps, he had been used and abused and couldn’t fight back; maybe, he had been talked about and shunned.  However, in the instant that he met Jesus- everything changed in his life.

God specializes in changing our situations.  Consider the question, “In what ways have my past situations left me with wounds.”  Pray and ask God to heal those hurt places.  Believe by faith that Jesus took those wounds upon himself on the cross and died so that you could be free of the hurt.  Give up your wounds today, giving them to Him.

Now, leave me a comment about the passage!

Thanks for participating!

Love ya!

Robin :)!


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