Faith Bible Study Day four

Today’s scripture comes from Romans 4:3.  It states, “. . . Abraham believed God, and God counted him as ‘righteous because of his faith.'” This verse holds important truths as we study about the idea of faith.

God chose Abraham out of all other people to be the “father” of the Jewish nation;  that means he was very special!  Jewish rabbis believe Abraham was different than others for a number of reasons.  First, when Abraham lived, most people around him, even his own family worshiped idols; yet, Jewish history records that Abraham took a stand against idol worship and destroyed his father’s idols.   Second, Abraham was obedient to God; the Bible tells us that Abraham was willing to leave his home to follow God’s plan and call for his life.

Abraham possessed a lot of good points, however, according to scripture the most important thing that separated Abraham from all the other people was actually his faith.  The Bible states that it was Abraham’s “faith” that allowed God to count him as righteous.

As with Abraham, “faith” gives us right standing with God.  When we accept Jesus into our life, God stops judging us on how well we can “keep the law.”  Instead, God determines that we are righteous based on the faith that we have in Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

Your right standing with God is not based on how good you can be or how hard you might work.  Being declared righteous is based on faith in what Jesus did on the cross-that is what allows you to have success!

Jesus is the answer for everything!  Have the faith to believe that truth today!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya!

Robin :)!




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