Remedy for Worry: Change Your Perspective

Several years ago, Sean and I attended a Family Life Marriage Conference.  The presenter used an unforgettable illustration to communicate the importance of perspective.  He held up a quarter and demonstrated that despite the sun’s large size (it has a 432,450 mile radius), the QUARTER can totally block your view of the large object.  What you see is based on where you put your focus, on your perspective.

Today, we need to think about where we focus.  Are you obsessed with the coronavirus?  Has financial uncertainty got you upset?  Have the worries of life overcome you?

In the illustration, the quarter blocks the view of the sun.  Yet, the sun still warms the atmosphere, creates weather patterns, and provides energy for the green plants that provide our food and oxygen.  It is the sun that gives us provision and keeps us alive.    The sun is gigantic, yet, when you focus on the quarter, you can make the sun (and its benefits) invisible.

The lesson for today is that if we allow ourselves to focus on the small worries of life (the quarters), they will block our view of the massive sun (the Son/God).  Regardless of what is going on around us, HE is still in control.

To be happy (even in difficult times), we must shift our focus away from our problems and gaze fully at the S-O-N.  Set aside time each day for your spirit to commune with His Spirit.  Cultivate a thought life filled with gratitude, thanking him for all the wonderful things that He provides.  Remember the times that He has brought you through difficult situations.  Be grateful.  Do not let the “quarters” block your view of who HE IS!

Shifting your focus to God will change your physical, mental, and psychological well-being.  Putting him in the right place is the remedy for worry, regardless of what is going on in the world.

I am trying to practice changing my perspective.  Maybe you will too!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya! :)!



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