Nothing is Too Hard For God!

The summer after I turned eleven, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. The diagnosis brought many things: embarrassment over being different than everyone else, odd behavior, and a weekly visit to a psychologist. He expected me to increase in weight (his goal for me was to reach 85 pounds ); if not, he planned to hospitalize me so that I could be fed intravenously.

I went to therapy every week for a year. Some weeks I gained weight; other weeks the weight loss was not great enough to merit hospitalization. (Thank God!)

During this period of “hell on earth” (please don’t think I am saying this lightly–it was the most terrible time of my life!), my parents, both strong believers in Christ and his miraculous power, took me to a Richard Roberts healing crusade. Dad and Mom laid hands on me and prayed from our seats because I would not go to the front.

Shortly after the healing crusade, I began to get better. Over the next few years, I returned to a normal weight and stopped doing the “odd” things (excessively exercising, ruminating over food, etc.) that are characteristic of the disorder.

By my 15th birthday, I had fully recovered.

As an adult, after I received my counseling degree and became licensed to practice, I visited my former psychologist. I hoped to specialize in eating disorders and I wanted his advice.

I was surprised when my wonderful doctor did not encourage me to pursue certification in his field. Instead, he gave me the grim facts: most anorexics don’t fully recover, many keep the disease for a lifetime even if they get a little better, and anorexia is the only disorder for which the DSM lists mortality rates (in other words, it is not unusual for people to eventually die from it).

I asked my former therapist how he helped me since recovery for the anorexic is so difficult. He answered by saying, “The main thing that I can tell you is that your parents had a lot of faith!” 

In other words, he acknowledged that he was not responsible for my recovery.  Instead, it was God that healed me!

As I was doing Bible Study today, the Holy Spirit led me to Jeremiah 32:27. The verse reads, “I am the Lord, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?”

The verse has important insights for our time.  When the world seems to be in chaos, we must remember that nothing is too hard for God. He has the power to stop the coronavirus, to fix the economy, and to protect and provide for us! We simply must call on him for help!

Don’t be discouraged today! Regardless of what is going on in your life, remember that nothing that you are facing is too hard for Him!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya!  🙂


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  1. Thank you for sharing I didn’t realize you were only eleven when that happened.. Praise God you are healed !!


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