The Gift We Have Been Given This Year

Sometimes I get caught up in the complexity of Christianity.  My focus turns to the rules and regulations, to the importance of the church service, and to whom is doing what.

This Easter, however, we have been given a gift… the gift of simplicity.  This year there will be no cantata, no perfectly practiced choir, and no need for a new outfit.  We can’t eat our Easter meal at a restaurant, and most of the stores are closed.

We are left with an opportunity: the chance to see Easter for what it is… a beautiful love story between God and man.

Two thousand plus years ago, the God of the universe entered this world in the form of a human.  He came with one purpose- to overthrow sin and its effects on his beloved creation.   On the Jewish Day of Preparation, while all of the lambs were being slaughtered across the land for Passover, Jesus gave his life on the cross.  That day, he took all of man’s sins, pains, and hurts upon himself so that he could free and deliver us.

Jesus was crucified and it looked as if the story was over;  however, this event was just the beginning of his plan.  Three days later, the impossible occurred.  He arose from the tomb, defeating death, hell, and the grave.

The sacrifice of Jesus changed history.  Through his obedience to the cross, we can now walk in freedom and hope; we are fully restored.

This year we have been given a special gift- the chance to slow down and savor the beauty of God.  Today, we turn our minds and our hearts towards remembering his precious gift!

Happy Easter!

I love you!  :)!


2 thoughts on “The Gift We Have Been Given This Year

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  1. Praise the Lord! Happy Easter to your church and family. God be with you and please continue to preach and sing the word of God. Preacher Fann, thank you for sharing the gospel with us in the community. God bless you.


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