Thoughts on Eggs and Our Chickens

We now have twenty-four teenage chicks. The chickens have grown by leaps and bounds. They now look like miniature hens and roosters.

I am already devising a plan to use the many eggs that I am sure will be coming soon. Yesterday, I attempted to make a quiche. The quiche did not turn out right (it looked and tasted like egg cake), but it gave me time to reflect on the “miracle of eggs.”


My quiche.  It was absolutely awful and looked like cake!  LOL!!

Because I get most of my food from the grocery store, I often forget how awesomely God made the food supply! I seldom think about the fact that God created an animal (the hen), which is able to give me this wholesome, healthy, versatile food (the egg). Yesterday, I reflected on this blessing!

But, God did not stop with the egg; he also made trees adorned in the most fabulous vestments–like apples, persimmons, and peaches. Then, he gave us vines that grow delicious treats like grapes and blueberries. He even created bees that make the perfect sweetener, honey.

I could go on and on, but you get my point. God has showered us abundantly in delicious, miraculous foods. Looking at the egg made me realize how much God loves me. My loving Abba (Daddy) God provides so many wonderful presents because he is good!

God loves you! Today, I challenge you to look closely and see his many gifts of affection!

P.S.  Sean has now ordered eighty more chicks.  They are meat chickens; but, I am pretty positive Sean will never be able to kill them for food!  I will post pictures when they come!! 

Thanks for reading!

Love ya! :)!!!


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