An Exciting Day on the Mini-Farm: A dog eats our chickens, 80 more mail-order chicks arrive, and I learn to drive the tractor

Yesterday was an exciting day on our mini-farm.  The day started with a Pit bull dog eating through the wire on our chicken coop.  Most of the chickens escaped, but the dog got in the coop and couldn’t figure out how to get out.  While inside, he killed two chickens!  :(!!

dog in henhouse
The dog got in the coop and couldn’t get out.  I couldn’t get him out either.  Sean finally got home and saved the day!

On a brighter note… Sean finally received his 80 mail order chicks and made them a nice large brooder.  They are so cute; but, 80 more meat chickens!!!  Really???

Finally, in the afternoon, we decided to plant the rest of our garden.  Sean taught me how to drive the tractor, which was the highlight of my day.  (I love to drive cars- especially muscle cars [like my Mustang]- and as odd as it might be…I really liked driving the tractor too!)

                    My first tractor drive.

As I was driving and thinking about how odd it is for me to love muscle cars and driving tractors, I began to think about my dad.  My dad has always loved fast cars (he can identify every year and model from 1950 to 1980- LOL) and he also loves driving tractors (you should see him do it in a suit!).

I determined that it is not so odd that I would love cars and tractors too.  In fact, it is part of my identity as his daughter.  I have a lot of traits passed from my Daddy!

Your identity is important too! 

Starting this Sunday on Living Imperfectly Perfect, we are beginning a series discussing your identity in Christ. The topic is exciting because when you ask Jesus to come into your life, He changes your identity!  You have a lot of traits passed from your Father God that you might not even realize.

If you are a Christian, your identity includes:

  1. God knew you before you were born and chose you for a special work.
  2. You are God’s masterpiece.
  3. You are a child of God; you can call him Daddy.
  4. You are an heir to God’s throne-created to have dominion and rule and reign.
  5. You have God’s righteousness.
  6. You have Jesus’ authority over the powers of the enemy.
  7. You can use Christ’s name.
  8. You have resurrection power living inside you.

This week on Living Imperfectly Perfect we will also be talking to Ricky Carden of the Down East Boys about their new CD.  The group will perform two awesome new songs!

Your identity in Christ is HUGE!  I can’t wait to explore it together!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya, :)!



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