Faith, Family, Friends, and Fresh air

Hey guys!!!

Here is something that you may not know about me….

When the boys were small, Sean and I worked hard to become self-sufficient.  We grew a two-acre garden and raised chickens. Even though I’m not a really good cook, I cooked… a lot.  I learned to can, blanche, and freeze every vegetable imaginable.  And, I milked a goat!

As the years got busier, we gave up the “farm life.”  However, with the current state of affairs (coronavirus), I find myself being drawn back to it.  I want my boys to know how to “live off the land” (just in case)!  Plus, even though it is hard work, I find myself missing the simple sweetness of the whole experience.  There really is nothing better than faith, family (which includes friends), and fresh air!

I’m going to blog about my journey back to self-sufficiency.  Maybe you will want to join me and start a garden too?

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about the bread I used to make twice a week.  It is easy and delicious and you so won’t care that there is no bread on the grocery store shelves after you taste it!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Love ya!

Robin :)!!!


3 thoughts on “Faith, Family, Friends, and Fresh air

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  1. Thank you so much for loving the Lord. I watch your church service every Sunday and always feel the holy spirit. I was raised in the church in Durham NC and watched my mama play the piano and or organ every Sunday at Liberty Free Will Baptist Church in east durham. Your church inspires me and lifts me up. God bless you all.


      1. Thanks for your response. I have a song request if at all possible. He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels and maybe He Washed My Eyes With Tears. Thank you and God bless you.


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