Don’t be Stuck in the House Bored during COVID-19. Do an Easter Craft!

I thought that I wanted my life to slow down.  But, now due to the COVID-19 regulations, I’m bored.  I miss the ability to go out to eat, to see my friends, and to go to church!

Since I have a lot of free time, I am searching for things to do.  I enjoy painting so last week I began to paint a floral picture to go above my fireplace.  During the process, I wanted to do something different with the vase so I decided to try something with mixed media.

I used newspaper and Mod Podge to create the vase. Resized_20200324_173518

I was happy with the way that the Mod Podged vase turned out, so I knew that I definitely wanted to repeat the process later on other art pieces.

That’s part of the background for today’s craft.

This is the rest….

When my boys were small, I tried to include them in my artwork.  At times I let them paint their own pictures, and at other times they helped with mine.

One of my most treasured art pieces is a Santa that I painted on a large canvas.  In the picture, Santa is eating cookies and reindeer candy canes.

Even though my boys were small, they designed and decorated the cookies and candy canes.  Their contributions turned the picture into something very special.

Now, both boys are almost grown (okay technically- one is fully grown).  I am thankful for the Christmas picture, because when I look at it I  have a  “forever” memory of that special time.

Lots of us are stuck in the house because of COVID-19.  If you and your  kids are bored,  this craft would be a great way to make a “forever” memory!

The process is simple and would be easy for little hands.  Make sure you get them to sign and date the canvas when it is finished! Then, bring it out every Easter and remember this special time!

What you need:

  • Canvas-9×12 inches
  • Transfer paper or a soft pencil
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic paints in the colors you love
  • Mod Podge but Elmer’s glue might also work
  • Ribbon or other decorations
  • Glue Gun
  • Three paint brushes in various shapes
  • Black permanent marker


  1.  Print the bunny and welcome sign off this webpage.
  2.  Place the transfer paper (graphite side down) between the paper that you printed and the canvas. Tape the edges so it will not move.  Trace my design with a pencil.  The image should transfer to the canvas. (I show you a different method on the Facebook Live video in case you can’t find the transfer paper.)
  3. Use an acrylic paint in a color you love and paint the background.  Resized_20200322_171514

4.  Paint the newspaper with three  coordinating colors.  Resized_20200322_171934

5.  After the paint dries, cut the newspaper into small pieces of various shapes- they don’t have to be perfect!

6.  Using a paint brush, paint the Mod Podge onto your canvas inside the bunny.  Begin to layer your cut colored pieces.  Make them interesting!

I painted the bunny’s face below his nose so that I wouldn’t have to Mod Podge there.  

7.  Continue to apply Mod Podge to your canvas and put your pieces of paper down until you get the bunny fully covered.  Apply the Mod Podge to both the canvas and on the top of the attached pieces of paper.


8.  After the bunny is completely filled in with paper- and after the glue and paint dries, use a black permanent marker to  draw in his nose, mouth, and eyes.

9.  Trace the “Welcome” word with a permanent marker on the top of the canvas.  (I added additional words on each side of the bunny. )

9.  Decorate with whatever you have.  I used a ribbon.  You could use flowers, ribbons, googly eyes, etc.  Attach by using your glue gun.  (Don’t let your kids do that part.  They might get burned! )Resized_20200323_215322

Some thoughts:

The body of the rabbit is supposed to look like an Easter egg.  It might be cool to do the egg body in one color and the rest of him in another so the egg really stands out.

You could give him dimples, freckles, etc.

Sign and date your picture!!!

The Bunny we completed on Facebook Live

Click on templates below:

Bfunny template 24-Mar-2020 21-54-06 (1)


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