Our Anniversary Weekend, Update on the Mini-farm, and Your Identity in Christ

Last week was a whirlwind of activity so I haven’t blogged in a while.  Our 29th wedding anniversary was Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day).  We were blessed to be able to spend our anniversary weekend on Oak Island AND to eat in restaurants for the first time since COVID began.  It was a great trip!


When we got home, we discovered our 80 chicks had grown by leaps and bounds.  Since they are “meat” chickens, they are supposed to be fully grown in 8 weeks.  I am pretty sure they will make it since they are eating a bag of food every three days.  This group of chickens started out so pretty, but now they seem to be growing out of their feathers.  They are definitely in their awkward stage!



Our other “hens” are beautiful.  They have grown so much, and it is now evident that about nine of them are not hens at all; instead, they are roosters!  Some have even started to crow!

Resized_20200528_192929 (2)

Our goats are great!  Millie, the “temperamental” one, has not warmed up to us very much.  She is a bully to Bonnie and often rams Bonnie with her horns.  She is not a very nice goat.

We think Millie is pregnant. Since she is beautiful, we know her babies will be gorgeous like her. (Hopefully, they will have their daddy’s personality lol.)  Millie is the goat at the top of the page.

Our very favorite barnyard animal is Bonnie.  Because of Millie’s bad behavior, Bonnie “escapes” from the goat lot every day.  Instead of exploring the world like other goats might, she hangs out under our trampoline or walks to the house to find us for companionship.  She has the temperament of a very calm, obedient dog (except our dogs don’t usually eat our grapevine).  She helps herself to goat food and chicken feed and has taken over our storage building as her new home.  We love Bonnie and are positive that she is also pregnant!


Thinking about our two goats’ behaviors makes me think about the idea of identity.  We adopted both goats into our household and love them both the same.  Bonnie has been able to walk in her new identity as our beloved goat with access to us and to all of the benefits that living in our house affords her.  Millie (maybe based on her past experiences), cannot accept her new identity.  She walks in lack and unhappiness.

If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you have a new identity.  You are the child of the Most High God, and you have full access to the benefits of having the King of the Universe as your Father.  You do not have to walk in destitution and worthlessness.  You are much loved and chosen.

This week I challenge you to walk as the King’s kid that you are!

Thanks for reading!

I love you! :)!




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