Chicken Update and Cultivating a Relationship with God

Sean has been very diligent in raising his chickens.  Twice a day, he feeds, waters, and moves their cage so they can have fresh grass and bugs.  Although our eighty meat chickens are not as beautiful as our egg chickens, both groups are  flourishing!

My garden, on the other hand, is a different story.  I have been taking week-long online classes and have had little time to nurture my plants.  Last week, I did go out there once to cultivate the soil (mainly because I wanted to drive the tractor) and hoe (a little).  Sadly, my garden is not doing as well as Sean’s chickens are doing;  instead, my plants are small and the ground around them is clumpy.



At times, I have a similar problem spiritually.  Because life gets busy, I often fail to cultivate my relationship with God.  As a result, I end up sad, lonely, and a little irritated.  I was created for a personal relationship with Him. When I don’t take the time to nurture that relationship, I can tell the difference!

God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden so that they could walk and talk with Him each day.  Their sin separated them from God, but Jesus’ death on the cross restored man’s relationship with his Creator.  Now, we can walk and talk with Him like they did!

You were also created for a relationship with the God of the Universe.  That relationship is what causes you to flourish!  It fills the empty place in your heart!

This week I am challenging myself to take time to foster my relationship with HIM.  I encourage you to do the same!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya! :)!



P.S.  Bonnie is still our favorite farm animal! She is not very pretty but she is so sweet! She follows us around like a dog!





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