The New Baby on our Mini-farm

Yesterday, we had a beautiful surprise. Last night around 7:30, Joshua called to inform me that we had a new addition to our family.  Although we had not been sure that Millie was actually pregnant, she delivered a perfect little baby.  Sean found the new goat shortly after birth (mom and baby still had the umbilical cords attached!).

Mom and baby about an hour after birth.  Millie is cleaning the baby.

This morning, we awoke to check out the new addition in the light.  The baby looked like a stuffed animal, perfect in every way.  I was concerned that she was not able to drink milk from her mom, so Sean and I decided to go to the southern part of our county to a farm store to pick up goat supplies.  On the way home, we received a frightening call from Matthew: the new baby was MISSING!!!

Matthew, my cool teenager, was close to tears. “Where could she be Mom?” he asked. “How could she have gotten out of the pen?”

Putting on my “mother’s hat,” I tried to stay rational.  (In reality, I was panicking.)  I asked him a series of nonsensical questions.

“Did you look under the hay?”

“Did you check outside the barn?”

“Did you see any blood?”

It was obvious I was making things worse, so I told him we would be home as soon as possible.

After what seemed like hours, we finally turned into our driveway and raced to the backyard. I immediately began to look in the barn under straw, while Sean looked around in the pen.  After a few minutes, Sean yelled, “I found him.  He’s here!”

We all breathed deep sighs of relief.

The goat had wedged himself under the milk stand and was sleeping peacefully.  He had no idea how greatly he had worried us.

We are so thankful that we found our sweet baby safe!

As I reflect on our experience with the little goat, I think of my relationship with God.  At times, I stray from His presence. I sometimes hide behind fear instead of basking in Him.  Yet, God, as the good shepherd, kindly and gently brings me back to where I need to be each time I leave his presence.

I am thankful for a loving Father who finds me when I am lost and who loves me even when I stray! I am also grateful to have our sweet little goat back safe and sound!

Thanks for reading!

Love ya! :)!


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