A Good Day on our Mini-Farm, Interdependence, and a Low Fat Recipe for an Easy 4th of July Cake

Our goat babies are growing!

Danny, our first goat baby, was born June 16th.  He is full of himself and is the king of our barnyard.  He has so much personality; we are in TOTAL love with him! (Watch him kiss Matthew on the cheek in this video!)

Bunny, our second baby, was born on June 27th.  She is beautiful (She looked just like a bunny rabbit when she was born!); but she is a shy little girl (unlike her cousin Danny).


Thursday was Bunny’s day to get debudded.  I was overjoyed that her mom’s former owner (and our new friend) made a special house call to perform this important task for us.  (Bunny wasn’t so overjoyed!)

As our new friend was helping us with the goats, our neighbor appeared out of the blue to rescue our garden.  (It wasn’t looking good!)  He plowed, gave us some of his seeds to plant, and brought fresh zucchini!


While he was plowing, I picked wild blackberries that have been growing on our land:


and blueberries from our bushes:


As I was picking the berries, I began to reflect on the goodness of God.  Not only did He give me spectacular berries (I didn’t even have to plant some of them!), but He gave me the beauty of kind people willing to share their time and produce with me!  Their generous acts made me want to figure out something nice I could do for them.

Thinking about the kindness of my friends reminded me that we are all created for interdependence.  God made us for relationship with Him and our brothers and sisters.

Everyday we read about a new crazy thing happening in our world (coronavirus, earthquakes, dust storms, new scary bugs).  In the midst of these uncertain times, we should be working for relationships with all our brothers and sisters, not division.  We are in this life together, and we were created to contribute to each other: to give and to receive.

Today, as we take time to celebrate our independence, we remember the people who gave their time, efforts, and even their lives to make our country free.

Have a great Fourth of July!



I have included an easy recipe for a Fourth of July Cake below- no cooking required!   I hope you enjoy it!

Fourth of July Cake

4th of july cake

I’m not a great cook, so I try to use as many short cuts as possible.  When Sean and I first met, he was a body builder with such a strict diet that he wouldn’t chew gum.  The one luxury that he would give himself was the occasional piece of angel food cake.

Most angel food cakes have less than one gram of fat.  The cakes are made with fairly low sugar, beaten egg whites, and no butter.

For this recipe, the base is an angel food cake that I bought at the grocery store. (Sorry- I hate to cook!) If you like to cook, you might google a recipe and make your own.

This recipe is easy, delicious, and low fat!  The cake is topped with yummy  fruits that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.  My family loves this!  I hope you will too!   Enjoy!



  • store bought angel food cake
  • Cool Whip Light
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  1.  Wash and slice berries.
  2.  Cut the premade angel food cake in half.  Spread Cool Whip and berries on the bottom half.



3.  Place the top half of the cake over the bottom half and cover with Cool Whip.


4.  Decorate with berries!

20200704_152715 (3)


Thanks for reading!

I love you! :)!


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  1. The baby goats are adorable and so much fun to watch play 🙂 How wonderful that you are becoming self sufficient with all your new additions. Thank you for always teaching the living word of God and being a missionary for him. You are always so nice…the world needs more soldiers like you. God has a faithful servant in you. God be with you.


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