Create Your Own Herb Garden


I love to be able to walk outside and pick herbs off bushes or plants in my yard.  I have a rosemary bush that has been growing by the door to our music room for the last ten years.  I use the rosemary twigs to season turkey at Thanksgiving or other meats throughout the year.  It feels like cheating to not have to pay for the fresh spices!

Making a herb garden is super easy. It’s a great project for beginning our farming journey!  I’m going to demonstrate how I made a small outside planter to hold my favorite herbs.

When I started this project, I was hoping to make a large planter box and include other vegetables.  Ten years ago, I had an awesome waist-high planter made from bricks.  But,  I used the bricks to make pavers, so I had to improvise with this project.

Thankfully, I found a number of stones that we had taken off a wall in our great room  (We always seem to have something lying around).  I stacked the stones in a circle to create a small enclosure for my soil.


Next, we filled in the stones with soil.  I used soil that comes with fertilizer already in it to minimize the work and maximize the yield.

For a few years we had a homemade green house. We grew our own plants from seeds.  Since we tore the greenhouse down years ago, I chose potted plants instead of growing them from seeds.

potted plant

If you purchase potted herbs, you only have to dig a hole in your new planter, take the herbs out of their plastic pots, and place them in the ground.


Then, water and watch your new plants grow!

herb garden completion

Remember (even in this difficult time) that we are blessed if we have faith, family, friends, and fresh air! Thanks for reading!

I love you! 🙂



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