I think we have officially entered Crazy Land!!

On Saturday, we bought goats.

Last week, I searched everywhere for a milkable goat… (I totally realize that makes us very crazy!).   After many calls (it turns out everyone wants goats right now), I finally found one.

The lady told me that I could pick up Olivia (the goat) on Saturday because her babies still needed to be weaned. Olivia was an hour away and was very expensive, but I was excited: goats in milk seemed to be in short supply.

I waited with excitement all week.  Then, I texted the lady on Thursday.  “We’re coming Saturday to pick up Olivia.  I just wanted to make sure everything is still on.”  I wrote.

She texted me back: “Olivia was sold today! Sorry! I was just about to let you know.”

I have to be honest…  I was irritated for a minute.  Image result for free clip art of frowny face

But,  I quickly recovered and I did what I always do….

divider balloons

I prayed!

(Don’t judge me for praying for a goat; I pray for everything!  🙂 )

On Friday, I texted about twenty people whom I found on Craigslist.  One text went to a man who was listing two male goat babies for sale.  I figured I would ask about a female, although he clearly had not included anything about females in his post.

He very kindly texted me back. Although his friend had a female baby goat for sale, he personally didn’t one for sale (much less one in milk).  But, shortly, I received a text asking if he could call me.

goat message

As a result of our conversation, I ended up with not one but two pretty girls from his own herd. Both were in milk.   When we met, he told me that he had not planned on selling either and that both could be pregnant (due in July)!


So, that’s possibly four goats (or up to six if both have twins) that I was blessed with for less than the price of the first one.  Plus, the man’s goat farm was exactly twelve minutes from my house!

The point to this blog (besides my wanting to share my goats with you) is that sometimes the disappointments that we face are actually God setting us up for something much better!

God knows what you need!  Wait and see what wonderful thing He is going to do in YOUR life!

Thanks for reading!

I love ya!  :)!














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